Workshop on Caching, Coherence and Consistency (WC3 '01)

From: Brian D. Davison (
Date: Mon, Mar 19 2001

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    Subject: Workshop on Caching, Coherence and Consistency (WC3 '01)
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    Brian D. Davison                Department of Computer Science                 Rutgers, The State Univ. of New Jersey
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              Workshop on Caching, Coherence and Consistency (WC3 '01)
                             Sorrento, Italy, June 2001
                         to be held in conjunction with the
           2001 ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS '01)
    The workshop focuses on three remarkably persistent topics in computer
    systems research: caching, coherence and consistency. For a long time these
    topics were associated with parallel and distributed systems only. More
    recently, caching, coherence and consistency issues are being revisited in
    the context of mobile computing and the world-wide web. Our goal with this
    workshop is to provide a forum for researchers from all of these communities
    to present and exchange ideas on these three topics. Thus, we intend this
    workshop to cover a range of domains, from more traditional ones such as
    hardware and software cache coherence schemes and multiprocessor memory
    consistency models, to coherence and consistency issues in file systems and
    mobile data, to content caching and consistency issues in replicated data
    and services on the web. This workshop can be seen as a continuation of the
    WSDSM workshops that were held in conjunction with the last two ICS
    conferences but with an extended scope and addressing a significantly
    broader audience.
    We solicit abstracts of original research including, but not limited to, the
    following areas:
       * Caching in uniprocessors
       * Caching, coherence and consistency in shared-memory multiprocessors
       * Software coherence and consistency
       * Caching, coherence and consistency issues in file systems
       * Caching, coherence and consistency issues in clusters
       * Mobile data coherence and consistency
       * Client, proxy and server-side caches of web content
       * Data and service replication on the web
       * Coherence and consistency over wide-area networks
    Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that demonstrate original and
    unpublished research in the areas of data caching, coherence, and
    consistency. Accepted papers will be published by the ICS organization. One
    of the authors will be required to attend the workshop and present the work.
    Important Dates
    May  01, 2001: Papers due.
    May  15, 2001: Notification sent to authors.
    June 01, 2001: Camera-ready papers due.
    Workshop Organizers
    Ricardo Bianchini and Liviu Iftode
    Department of Computer Science
    Rutgers University
    Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019
    E-mail: {ricardob,iftode}
    For more information, check out