embroidery punching $ 3.75 per thousand !

From: smartpunch@china.com
Date: Tue, Jan 23 2001

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    From: smartpunch@china.com
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    Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 07:22:36 -0600
    Subject: embroidery punching  $ 3.75 per thousand !
              Embroidery logos only $ 3.75 per thousand !
      We are the best punching center for your embroidery logo needs !
      With the wage per hour in our part of the world soo LOW  "vs"   USA
      dollar  we can spend the  time that is needed to punch your logo  
      the right way and with low cost to you!
       We have many " punchers "  and do work for many other
     "punch centers"   in " USA"  "GERMANY " etc..     
      !!!  NOW we offer our service to YOU as well  !!!!
      If you can email " jpgs , Tif, bmp, gif and others in IBM style format  
      (and, or Fax)  art / notes  we can punch your logos great for you.
      No way can anyone punch super logos for this price in USA and 
      give you such a nice embroidery logo as we can.  With our wages 
      soo low vs  US dollar we can make sure each logo is right, with the
      time we spend to make them.   AND MORE  YET --- you get to see
      a sewn sample of your  logo  sent to you as well on the fabric
      you ask for !!! now you will be sure it right before you sew...
       for more info to order please email to 
       punchcenter@china. com
       for more info to order email us a note,
      OUR price is simple $3.75 USD per thousand stitches for 1st order
      MIN charge of $ 34.99 for 1st order
      Then $ 4.75  per thousand on orders  after 1st test order with
      a  "min" charge of $44.00
     LARGE customers  (over 4 orders per day )  Save more !
       We are also looking for  "REPS"  ... So if you would like to make
       money in sales of embroidery logos we may need you !  Simple and
       no charge to you !  We would like to have a few good persons to
       take orders and calls in USA ... You can make money and have
       many happy customers in a short time.  Some customers have a
       hard time to understand how simple it is to work with us by email
       and need a person to take the order from them, so this may be great
       for you.
       In  the USA they sell our punch work for
       as much as 2 to 4 times our price !
      That's money for you !!!
       mailto: punchcenter@china. com?subject=rep 
       email to  punchcenter@ china. com  and in subject put
       REP INFO in subject line
        and talk to us !
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