From: Just van den Broecke (just@justobjects.nl)
Date: Sat, Jan 29 2000

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    Message-ID: <3892D957.865DA121@justobjects.nl>
    Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 13:13:11 +0100
    From: Just van den Broecke <just@justobjects.nl>
    To: www-wca@w3.org
    Subject: Pushlets
    I am experimenting with a technique I call "Pushlets". These allow a
    direct notification of DHTML clients from within a Java servlet (or
    other) server. I have gotten room on a site on
    http://www.fluidiom.com:8080 where there
    is a whitepaper, examples, open source etc.
    The technique itself is utterly simple: in a hidden HTML FRAME a HTTP
    connection is kept open through which  lines of JavaScript are pushed
    and interpreted by the browser. A small publish/subscribe framework on
    the server takes care of wait()/notify()-based event handling and other
    things like queueing. Within the server the framework could be connected
    to "real" messaging products or Jini events. There are also adapters for
    Java clients (who can receive events as XML or serialized objects).
    Through a "Postlet" clients can also publish events. I see Pushlets
    basically as a web-frontend adaptor for events, just like JSPs/servlets
    are for EJBs.
    I would like to discuss this technique in a W3C forum since it relies on
    HTTP streaming
    somewhere I tried WCA but couldn't add myself (server
    did not respond) as contact. Could you point me to possible W3C
    list/forums or similar work done ? 
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