Volleyball Players and Coaches

From: tonych@angelfire.com
Date: Tue, Apr 18 2000

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    From: <tonych@angelfire.com>
    Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 08:55:50
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    Subject: Volleyball Players and Coaches
    **************** Volleyball Players and Coaches ***************
    Sports Tech, Inc. introduces TheSET.	www.SETME.com
    The Patented Volleyball Training Device that gives players...
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    "We are very excited about our new product called TheSET.  TheSET is a
    revolutionary device that helps volleyball players develop their spiking
    skills. Working with coaches and players for more than 4 years, Sports Tech
    has developed a high quality, affordable, product that sets volleyballs with
    very realistic motion. The unique design allows players to practice their
    approach, timing and swing"
    - Patented Design Realistic Ball Movement
    - Very Little Spin
    - Sets to Heights of more than 14 Feet
    - Adjustable Set Angles
    - Command Release to Improve Your Timing  Portable & Lightweight
    - Requires No Power
    - Use TheSET at the Beach, Gym or Backyard
    - Adjust Legs for Desired Set
    - Place Volleyball in TheSET
    - Press Ball & Engage Command Release
    - Move to Your Approach Position
    - Squeeze the Lever
    - The Ball is Set  You Spike It!
    ONLY $149.95 + S/H
    Please Visit Our Web Site for Additional Information and Credit Card
    Reference promotion #I2000-J2 by May 1, 2000 and receive a $10 discount
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    Sports Tech, Inc.
    4004 Holiday Park Drive, Murrysville, PA  15668