Issue was edited: the "domain name" phenomena

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Date: Wed, Sep 29 1999

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Subject: Issue was edited: the "domain name" phenomena

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             Forum: WCA issues tracking forum [1]                       
             Issue: the "domain name" phenomena [2]                     
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        Created on: 1999-09-25 10:19:59                                 
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Issue Description:
Just who is it that is supposedly buying all these domains??? I know there
are Brokers listing 1000's for sale but is there really an industry out
there ready and more importantly able to buy these preregistered
domains.According to OCLC( were,as of June '99 only 3.6m
actual websites,which means that there is globally in the region of 6m
inactive and lonely domain names with seemingly nowhere to go.That in
economic terms is on the way to a BILLION bucks tied-up!! The number of
possible domain names that can be registered is 3.17x10 to the 34rd power
in other words a lot. Please will someone enlighten me.