IEEE Network special issue on web performance - call for papers (fwd)

From: Johan Hjelm (
Date: Mon, Aug 16 1999

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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:12:39 +0200
From: Johan Hjelm <>
Subject: IEEE Network special issue on web performance - call for   papers (fwd)

From: Ioanis Nikolaidis (
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 14:10:32 -0600
Subject: IEEE Network Magazine - Special Issue on Web Performance

Call For Papers
                           IEEE Network Magazine

                      Special Issue on Web Performance

Guest Editors:

   Ioanis Nikolaidis            Carey Williamson
   Computing Science Department Department of Computer Science
   University of Alberta        University of Saskatchewan    
   Edmonton, AB, Canada         Saskatoon, SK, Canada
   T6G 2H1                      S7N 5A9
   Phone: +1-780-492-5757       Phone: +1-306-966-8656
   Fax: +1780-492-1071          Fax: +1-306-966-4884
   email: Web:


   Currently, a large fraction of users access network resources through
   web clients/browsers. The popularity of web browsers is due to their
   ability to provide a uniform, yet flexible, approach to presenting and
   rendering information. The performance perceived by users of web
   applications depends on the performance of the protocols that
operate between web clients and servers. In this context, it becomes
important to gain insight into the factors that influence the performance
of the related protocols. Some of the questions that naturally arise
   What are the performance requirements of the different types of
web-based applications? What are the typical user access patterns and to
what extent can they be exploited to improve performance? What are
the limits of proxy caching architectures? What efficient ways exist to
support mobile web client (or even server) devices? Is an
diffserv/intserv framework sufficient for new applications? Overall, where are
the bottlenecks in the current system? These are among the issues
that this special issue of IEEE Network seeks to address. Of
particular interest are papers presenting traffic measurements and other
empirical performance data from actual web clients, servers, caches and
network backbones as well as architecture and design papers for systems
that have been implemented and are currently operational. 
   Topics of interest include: 

          Web server/client workloads. 
          Cache/proxy architectures and performance. 
          Diffserv/Intserv services support for the web.
          Performance implications of dynamic content. 
          HTTP extensions and HTTPng performance.
          Active network support for web services. 
          Techniques for low bandwidth links and/or mobile devices.
Manuscript Submission:
   Authors are requested to send an email to either of the 
   guest editors, Ioanis Nikolaidis, (, 
   or Carey Williamson, (, providing a URL
   where a postscript or PDF file can be downloaded by the guest 

   Note: Potential authors may wish to consult the sections 
   on author information and guidelines for reviewers, which 
   are given at
   Paper Submission Deadline:      OCTOBER 1, 1999 
   Feedback to Authors:            December 15, 1999 
   Final Manuscripts to Publisher: January 31, 2000 
   Publication of Special Issue:   May/June 2000

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