Please try completely new repository interface

From: Marc Abrams (
Date: Thu, Jul 15 1999

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 17:57:08 -0400
From: Marc Abrams <>
To: "" <>, Hussein Suleman <>
Subject: Please try completely new repository interface

Hussein Suleman <> has entirely reimplemented the repository. 
Please look at this temporary url by the Friday WCA phone call to give your

Reasons for the reimplementation:

- Simpler user interface
- No longer hosted by OCLC (we could not change many aspects of the old
interface because they were under OCLC's control)
- The entire system can be moved to W3C to be hosted their, and maintained by
others in future.
- Added some support for the notion of one or more "editors" that have
authority to add certified trace records, update/delete any records in
repository.  Using "Modify Editor List" and password "w3cvt" ... using this
password, you can modify the list of editors ...

Some caveats:

- This is a first cut, so some things are still rough.

- There are no records for papers, etc. inserted yet.  (We're waiting for oclc
to dump the records from the original repository.)

- Help screens not done.

- No work yet on Bala's suggestion yesterday for user interface

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