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From: Craig Wills (cew@owl.WPI.EDU)
Date: Thu, Jul 15 1999

From: Craig Wills <cew@owl.WPI.EDU>
Message-Id: <199907151903.PAA25281@sequoia.WPI.EDU>
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Date: Thu, 15 Jul 99 15:03:39 -0400
Subject: Webbib Online Library

Web Characterization Group -
	While this is not specific to web characterization, it includes a
number of papers from the area.  I hope it is a useful resource to the
				- Craig

The Webbib digital library (http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~webbib/) is an extensive
online bibliography of literature relevant to distributed systems topics as
they relate to the World Wide Web.  The core bibliography currently
contains over 350 Web-related papers (over 1600 total papers) from Systems,
Networking, Internet/Web and Performance journals/conferences.  Particular
topics of interest are network protocols, caching architecture, cache
replacement, cache coherency, characterization of the Web and Web

In addition to typical bibliographic information, most bib entries contain
an online link to the contents of a paper, its list of references, and a
list of papers that reference it.  Bibliographic information is used to
create author lists and determine reference counts for individual papers
and authors.  This analysis allows influential work to be identified.

The library is maintained in a semi-automated manner by tracking sources of
information (conferences/journals) for new articles.  This approach results
in a library that is relatively complete in its contents and timely in its

We make Webbib available as a resource to researchers and practitioners
in the field.  Any comments or suggestions concerning the library,
particularly cases of missing information (online links to paper contents)
or relevant references.  The focus of Webbib is on journal and conference
papers with technical reports generally appearing only if they are
frequently cited by other papers.
				- Craig Wills
				  Associate Professor
				  Computer Science Department
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