Fwd: Request to Attend President's Council on Y2K Internet Readiness Roundtable

From: Jim Gettys (jg@pa.dec.com)
Date: Fri, Jul 09 1999

Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 08:02:33 -0700
From: jg@pa.dec.com (Jim Gettys)
Message-Id: <9907091502.AA07179@pachyderm.pa.dec.com>
To: www-wca@w3.org
Cc: mogul@pa.dec.com
Subject: Fwd: Request to Attend President's Council on Y2K Internet Readiness Roundtable

Jeff Mogul produced some data 18 months ago or so on the fraction of traffic
that had 2 digit date fields: it was surprisingly high then (something
like 15 or 20% from what I remember).

But implementations have been deploying since then that use 4 digit dates.
I'd expect the current traffic to be very much lower.

I've been invited to this thing in Washington.  Is there any more
recent data from anyone's proxy logs on the fraction of traffic using
the deprecated dates?  Also having a breakdown by server type would
be useful.  Are any major sites broken?  Any still significantly deployed
servers broken?  Any information about whether proxies are "doing things

I need this data in time for the meeting, whose invitation is attached...
                        Thanks greatly,
                                - Jim Gettys
Jim Gettys
Industry Standards and Consortia
Compaq Computer Corporation
Visting Scientist, World Wide Web Consortium, M.I.T.
jg@w3.org, jg@pa.dec.com

attached mail follows:

From: Lewis_W._Oleinick@omb.eop.gov
To: jg@w3.org, jg@pa.dec.com, jg@tiac.net
Message-Id: <852567A8.0055448A.00@lngate3.eop.gov>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 11:41:14 -0400
Subject: Request to Attend President's Council on Y2K Internet Readiness Roundtable

Hi Jim.

I'm with the Office of Management and Budget which is part of the Executive
Office of the President.  The President's Council has decided to have a
roundtable on the Internet's Y2K readiness.  The roundtable is schedule for
July 30, 1999 in Washington, DC from 9:00am until 4:00pm.  We want to
invite you to speak on any Y2K issues surrounding HTTP.  I believe the IETF
recently reported that the protocols are all compliant, e.g., not date
sensitive rather time to live.  However, some folks might have questions
and in addition to HTTP you might be able to speak about W3C's activities
on Y2K.

I'm attaching a draft agenda and draft invitation.

If you are able to attend, please let me know by end of business today or
the very first thing in the morning tomorrow.

I apologize for the short notice.

Thanks for your consideration of this.

-- Lew Oleinick

(See attached file: Draft Agenda.doc)(See attached file: Draft