24 may wd

From: DPawson@rnib.org.uk
Date: Fri, Jul 09 1999

From: DPawson@rnib.org.uk
Message-ID: <0093102B40EFD21199D100104B61F19901E063@priory.rnib.org.uk>
To: www-wca@w3.org
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 10:55:11 +0100 
Subject: 24 may wd

Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet
W3C Working Draft 24-May-1999.

Re definitions of user session, server session.

You use the phrase 'user clicks'.

From WAI perspective, this is unacceptable, since it ignores
those who do not use a mouse?

regards, DaveP