Re: Issue entered final state: How often (and what) is being ...

From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (
Date: Mon, Jun 28 1999

Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 18:51:26 -0400
To: Balachander Krishnamurthy <>, ETA WCA issues tracking forum <>
From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <>
Subject: Re: Issue entered final state: How often (and what) is being   ... 

At 06:04 6/28/99 -0400, Balachander Krishnamurthy wrote:
>[ am i the only one getting duplicate messages from the tracking system? ]

No, the WCA WG got double - it should be solved now so that mails only go
to this list.

>. whoever sends these messages out can they translate things like HC97
>  BU98 to english at the bottom of the message so we know what these
>  citations are. 

Yes, that is missing. The problem is that these traces aren't available
online yet.

>. what does issue resolution mean in this context? the first person
>  who responds to the question?

No, an issue can have any set of the states (configurable) and can jump
between any state - there are no work flow limitations on state transitions.

>. just reporting date from one trace, say aol, which to the best
>  of my knowledge is not in the repository (?), may not be enough.
>  would interpretation of results be different if we knew more 
>  about the environment where traces were collected? 

Yes, I hope that this can be registered in the repository.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
World Wide Web Consortium