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Date: Sun, Jun 27 1999

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Subject: New issue was created: How often (and what) is being ...

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Issue Summary:
             Forum: WCA issues tracking forum [1]                       
             Issue: How often (and what) is being tunneled through HTTP? [2]
          Category: HTTP                                                
          Priority: important                                           
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        Created on: 1999-06-27 19:16:47                                 
        Created by: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen [3]                          
       Assigned to: WCA default [4]                                     

Issue Description:
Rather than incurring the extra packaging overhead in tunneling, it
would be nice to make HTTP-NG semantically (and mechanically) rich
enough so that tunneling was not required. Mike Spreitzer added what
should/will be converted to the lower RPC layer with what should/will
remain at the higher RPC layer? How much CGI activity is going on?
CGI typically causes an expensive process creation, with parameter
passing (clumsily) through standard IO. Designing HTTP-NG to avoid
the inherent overhead in this approach and to provide a well
structured/defined, argument and return value framework would be