resouce manifestation description?

From: Chris Tilt (
Date: Tue, Jun 08 1999

Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 10:55:53 -0700
From: Chris Tilt <>
To: WCA <>
Subject: resouce manifestation description?


There has been some talk about canonical naming and the
difficulty with knowing which manifestations of resources
are identical or not. This is a problem that we have
struggled with, and I do not have a good solution yet.

To start with, it would be usefull to be able to
describe a view or manifestation. I started a DTD that
would encode the appearance of a manifested resource
such that views could be compared and differentiated,
however there may already be some work going on that
I should use. Does anyone know of something (e.g. SMIL)
that could be used? An XML document type would make the
most sense.

Is the SMIL the way poeple are moving for describing
client browser views, even static ones?

(note that we presently use a checksum to detect the
difference between different HTML contents. This does
not always work correctly, but is one of the only ways
to efficiently know which image mapped resources are
unique when automatically spidering server-side maps.)

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Chris

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