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Date: Tue, Jun 08 1999

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Subject: RE: html stats?


At OCLC, we are conducting an ongoing study, in which we take a random
sample of Web sites, which we use to analyze the features of the Web and
characterize the Web as a whole. The questions you ask could be answered by
our data. We are preparing to take our next sample (we will probably start
next week). If you are interested, drop me an e-mail (


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>Subject: html stats?
>I was wondering if you knew of any resourses that might lead me to
>understand percentages of differnt types of sites availible on the net..
>such as what is the percentage of sites that use frames verses those
>that dont.. or what percetage of sites use java and so forth ... is
>there any kind of survey out there like this..
>or am I just a huge dreamer.
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