html stats?

From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (
Date: Tue, Jun 08 1999

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Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 11:18:19 -0400
To:, Tim Gibbs <>
From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <>
Subject: html stats?

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>Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 15:51:09 -0400
>To: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <>
>From: Tim Gibbs <> (by way of Alan Kotok <>)
>Subject: html stats?
>I was wondering if you knew of any resourses that might lead me to
>understand percentages of differnt types of sites availible on the net..
>such as what is the percentage of sites that use frames verses those
>that dont.. or what percetage of sites use java and so forth ... is
>there any kind of survey out there like this..
>or am I just a huge dreamer.
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