Re: W3C-WCA metrics

From: Chris Tilt (
Date: Fri, Jun 04 1999

Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 07:45:51 -0700
From: Chris Tilt <>
To: Jim Pitkow <>
Subject: Re: W3C-WCA metrics


Thank you for your response. I was very encouraged by your
interest and I look forward to interacting with the group.

Would it be helpfull to setup a web page on where
we could post metrics from different groups? I could post
a benchmark report.

It would be helpful if you and others could assist in
determining a set of sites that you feel represents the
web. Does OCLC post their set of sites?

My message dated 28-may-99 to the WCA list sited a reference
to our white paper. It is the repeated here:

Cheers, Chris

Jim Pitkow wrote:
> Chris,
>    Sorry for the delayed response.  Your work is quite related to several
> areas of activity within the WCA.  Specifically:
> * Client side modeling.  Last year, the WCA developed a representative
> testbed to test HTTP-NG against other versions of HTTP.  The testbed
> included a client side model called SURGE developed by Paul Barford at
> Boston University.  Here at PARC, we've just completed a set of studies
> that look at clicks characteristics within Web sites (distribution,
> predictability, etc).  The description of your tool is intriguing.  Can you
> send a pointer to the white paper to the WCA mailing list (If you're not on
> the list, let me know and we can get you signed up)?  This should
> facilitate a broader discussion.
> * Web site sampling.  The WCA is very interested in methods to
> automatically recharacterize various aspect of the Web.  One member, OCLC,
> runs a random sample every so often and characterizes various metrics.
> However, I don't think we've reach an optimal solution or even consensus as
> what best to recharacterize.  Your input here could help.  Again, any
> information you could post to the WCA mailing list, would be great.
> Thanks much,
> Jim.
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