Metrics sheet

From: Lavoie,Brian (
Date: Mon, May 03 1999

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From: "Lavoie,Brian" <>
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Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 15:20:16 -0400 
Subject: Metrics sheet

A couple of things about the metrics sheet - 

First, it is a first draft, intended to get some stuff down on paper to
initiate discussion, and not by any stretch a finished (or even necessarily
accurate) document.

Second, not all of the metrics in the list are intended to be generated from
server log data; in fact, I suspect only a small portion of them can be. For
example, a lot of the metrics can be generated from a random sample of the
Web's content.

I am currently working on a new draft of this sheet which will contain
suggested measurement techniques for at least some of the metrics.
Hopefully, other members of the WCA will contribute measurement techniques
for metrics with which they have some implementation experience.