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From: Bradford L. Barrett (
Date: Mon, May 03 1999

Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 14:24:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Bradford L. Barrett" <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: Log tools

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Jim Pitkow wrote:
> Nice tool.  Much of the interest of this group lies in characterizing
> various metrics of Web usage (distributions of file sizes, reading times,
> session lengths, etc) to facilitate comparisons between traces, reproduce
> the empirical findings reported by others, etc.  The WCA is also interested
> in extracting various metrics to automatically characterize log file being
> submitted to the WCA repository.  We're working on precisely defining the
> metrics as well as recommended methods on how to measure the metrics (see:
> for a very early draft -- not yet a working draft).
> Additionally, you can take a look at some rough code written in perl that
> extracts a few of these distributions in the W3C CVS directory at:

I have looked over the proposed metrics you mention, and while some are
completely within the scope of what a typical log analysis tool could
measure, some are not.  I did not see a great deal of 'recommended
methods' on how to measure these metrics either, other than very vague
'generic' suggestions on where the data would come from.

> Do you have any interest in adding some of these capabilities in the
> Webalizer?  How are you handling changes make to the code?  I did not see a
> CVS or other structure for others to make contributions.

Always interested in adding capabilities, as long as they can be measured
accurately, which was the reason for my previous post.  I'm not interested
in generating fake numbers just for the benefit of a marketing department,
which seems to be the trend lately.  As for changes, you are correct about
the lack of CVS...  There is none.  I have not received a lot of end-user
changes, mostly just feature requests and queries for additional info.  Of
the changes that I have received, all are in the form of unified diffs to
the original code.

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