RE: Log tools

From: Neff, Robert (
Date: Fri, Apr 30 1999

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From: "Neff, Robert" <>
To: "Bradford L. Barrett" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 05:43:55 -0400
Subject: RE: Log tools


From Web Characterization Metrics, how is "Web Site Metrics - Percentage of
site devoted to CGI/dynamic content"  defined?  Does this include sites
driven by an application server, middleware, active server pages, cold
fusion?  I am so but think this definition can be interpreted differently by

While I appreciate the information in the article, I have a question to the
list.  Has there been an independent evaluation or any evaluation of the log
tools?  I am looking for a comparsion that speaks about what they will and
will not do.  As you can surmize, I am coming up to speed on all this. Every
time I talk to someone, they have an opinion. I was in a Federal (U.S.)
seminar yesterday and there was great concern that each log package wil give
you different results.  We all are aware of this am looking for more detail.
Can anyone refer me to articles or materials.  

many thanks.