Re: Numbers for http/1.1 deployment?

From: Johan Hjelm (
Date: Wed, Apr 28 1999

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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 19:50:12 +0200
To: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <>
From: Johan Hjelm <>
Subject: Re: Numbers for http/1.1 deployment?

Netcraft just says "Apache and Microsoft-IIS have dominated web server
technology over the past two years, with Apache's widespread use in the
internet industry itself, ensuring that it maintained and extended its
lead. Microsoft-IIS has extended its own position with self-hosted sites in
the same period, and overtaken Netscape as the most commonly used server
for encrypted transactions. 

Other changes over the period include the demise of the NCSA server to a
share of under 1%, the widespread adoption of HTTP/1.1, the emergence of
internet encrypted transactions from a base of around 7,500 sites two years
ago, and the rise of Intel powered systems, running NT, Linux, BSDI and
FreeBSD, at the expense of risc-based systems from Sun and Silicon Graphics"

I have sent a query to them, asking about the numbers.


At 13:22 1999-04-28 -0400, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:
>I got this request from Philipp Hoschka, W3C architecture domain lead.
>Anybody with fresh data on this?
>>From: Philipp Hoschka <>
>>Subject: numbers for http/1.1 deployment
>>Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 19:02:35 +0200
>>In the last exec summary for the AC meeting, I optimistically
>>"We hope to be able to present more precise numbers on the deployment
>>of HTTP/1.1 at the next AC meeting, based on results produces by
>>the Web Characterisation Activity (status last June: support by 60%
>>of the HTTP serers, client support not widespread)."
>>Did the webchar WG do any further measurements of HTTP/1.1 
>>deployment in the meantime ? Or anybody else ?
>Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
>World Wide Web Consortium

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