repository requirements

From: Jim Pitkow (
Date: Tue, Apr 20 1999

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 10:42:26 PDT
From: Jim Pitkow <>
Message-Id: <99Apr20.104407pdt."361416">
Subject: repository requirements

At the highest level, there are some issues as to what the requirements of
the repository need to be.  Here's my understanding of the argument for
having a strict policy on what enters the repository.  What I don't quite
have is the counter argument.  If you are in the latter camp, please
step-up and provide that line of thought.

Certified Logs or Bust!
* Results and comparisons performed across uncertified logs are dangerous 
  because a) the data &/or descriptions may be inaccurate and  b) the results 
  not necessarily repeatable.  Such logs increase the likelihood of invalid
  and incorrect observations being promoted.
* As a result, scientific progress will be hampered by enabling easier
  of uncertified logs.
* Therefore, the W3C and the WCA have a responsibility to provide only
certified logs.