From: Volker Turau (
Date: Mon, Dec 07 1998

Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 15:04:37 +0100 (MET)
From: Volker Turau <>
To: Chris Roadknight <>
cc: www-wca <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Robots

Hi Chris,

this is a misunderstanding, what I mean is that robots show a behavior
that is completely different from human behavior and therefore it must be
treated separately if we want to analyze user behavior. Filtering out
human requests is a difficult if not impossible task. In my
analysis I use a crude heuristic: every user agent different from Mozilla
is considered a robot. I know that there have been cases that robots used
Mozilla as a name in the USER_AGENT header and I know that there are many
more browsers besides Netscape and MSIE. But it gives me a good estimate.


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