Workshop feedback

From: Johan Hjelm (
Date: Fri, Nov 13 1998

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Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 21:28:32 +0100
From: Johan Hjelm <>
Subject: Workshop feedback

Dear workshop participants, other members of the interest group,

as I hope you have noticed, the workshop pages are now online at A week has passed since then,
and I hope some of the ideas we discussed have started gestating in your
heads. We have also put the activity pages up at

Now, the real work starts. It is time to start asking questions and trying
to answer them. What are your primary concerns? What do you need to know
about what is on the web to make your organization run more efficiently?
What do you know - or need to know - about how the web works world-wide? 

This list,, is the public discussion list for all matters
that concern web characterisation. We did not create a member-only list for
the web characterisation interest group, since there is such a large
interested community outside the W3C, and we wanted them to be able to
participate in the discussion (all the participants in the workshop will be
added to the list as soon as our systems team can find the time). 

I want to open the floor to anyone who wants to raise issues, frame
questions, or point out good sources of information. Please, do not
hesitate because your feel your question may be "stupid", or for any other
reason. If we do not know what questions get asked, it gets pretty hard to
answer them. 

We are already now populating the repository with information, and will
produce a FAQ as soon as we can, so you will be able to find the "popular"
answers to how large the web is, how many servers there are, and how much
the web weighs very easily. Your help makes this more complete, and a
better resource for all. 

Welcome to the Web Characterisation Activity!

Johan Hjelm 
Chairman, Web Characterisation Interest Group 
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