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Should queued prompts be played before 'fetchaudio' of <data> is executed

From: Naik, Komal Shashikant (CMS) <naik.komal-shashikant@hp.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 11:29:08 +0000
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In vxml 2.0, it is clearly mentioned
"While in the transitioning state various prompts are queued, either by the <prompt> element in executable content or by the <prompt> element in form items. In addition, audio may be queued by the fetchaudio attribute. The queued prompts and audio are played either

  *   when the interpreter reaches the waiting state, at which point the prompts are played and the interpreter listens for input that matches one of the active grammars, or
  *   when the interpreter begins fetching a resource (such as a document) for which fetchaudio was specified. In this case the prompts queued before the fetchaudio are played to completion, and then, if the resource actually needs to be fetched (i.e. it is not unexpired in the cache), the fetchaudio is played until the fetch completes. The interpreter remains in the transitioning state and no input is accepted during the fetch.
However, the FIA states that
Appendix C - Form Interpretation Algorithm

// Initialization Phase

foreach ( <var>, <script> and form item, in document order )
   if ( the element is a <var> )
     Declare the variable, initializing it to the value of
     the "expr" attribute, if any, or else to undefined.
   else if ( the element is a <script> )
     Evaluate the contents of the script if inlined or else
     from the location specified by the "src" attribute.
   else if ( the element is a form item )
     Create a variable from the "name" attribute, if any, or
     else generate an internal name.  Assign to this variable
     the value of the "expr" attribute, if any, or else undefined.
            foreach ( input item and <initial> element )
                 Declare a prompt counter and set it to 1.


    // Collect Phase: execute the selected form item.


    // Queue up prompts for the form item.

What should be the behavior for a <data> elements 'fetchaudio' attribute as it follows scoping rules of <var> and is thus initialized during INITIALIZATION phase even before prompts are queued.

The end result is the 'fetchaudio' of data is heard before any prompts in the form even if the <prompt> occur before the <data> element in the vxml document.

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