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Transition order

From: David Junger <tffy@free.fr>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 10:53:18 +0100
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I just wanted to get one thing clear, because there seems to be some potential confusion in other discussions about this specific detail:

Transition order != document order

Take this example:

    <transition target="a"/>
        <transition target="b"/>

The transitions are in conflict since neither "a" nor "b" are internal targets, but it is the transition to "b" that will be taken although it comes after the transition to "a" in document order.

from the spec (emphasis added):
[Definition: A transition T is optimally enabled by event E in atomic state S if a) T is enabled by E in S and b) no transition that precedes T in document order in T's source state is enabled by E in S and c) no transition is enabled by E in S in any descendant of T's source state.]

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