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Does <send> place events on the internal or external queue?

From: Gavin Kistner <phrogz@me.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 21:26:25 +0000 (GMT)
To: www-voice@w3.org, www-voice@w3.org
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The specs for <raise> (section 4.2) say:
"The SCXML processor must place the event that is generated at the rear of the session's **internal** event queue."
and also
"Note that the 6.2 <send> element may also be used to raise **internal** events in an SCXML session."

The specs for <send> (section 6.2.4) say:
"If neither the 'target' nor the 'targetexpr' attribute is specified, the SCXML Processor must add the event will be added to the **external** event queue of the sending session."

Ignoring the grammar typo in that last sentence, I'd like to be sure:

* <raise> always adds events to the internal queue.
* <send> always adds events to the external queue (when targeting an SCXML session, including the current one).

Is that right?
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