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Re: subscribe does not work

From: Cindy-Sue Causey <butterflybytes@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 20:03:22 +0000
Message-ID: <CAO1P-kALH3tqRT4x9zq4bgv=wZs=H4jfxRcy-ZL-Bt7RurTDyA@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka\"" <dirk.schnelle@jvoicexml.org>
Cc: www-voice@w3.org
On 1/21/13, Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka <dirk.schnelle@jvoicexml.org> wrote:
> the subscription mechanism to this list seems to be broken. A colleague
> of mine tried to subscribe to this list but never received an answer.

Hi, Dirk.. Just another subscriber lurking here. Always the chance
it's a momentary glitch. Writing more, though, to say I had a BUNCH of
this exact problem many years back when I first started subscribing to
various W3C lists..

Turned out the problem was fixed for me when I subscribed using a
blank (empty) email content body field.. Alternatively, it *SEEIMS
LIKE* the W3C server(s) also passed emails of mine where there is a
double dash on its own line before any other text or data (e.g. a
signature file). Works similarly on other listservs across the Net, by
the way.

Hope that maybe helps in your colleague's case as well.. *grin*


- :: -
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA
Received on Monday, 21 January 2013 20:03:49 UTC

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