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Re: [scxml] sixth WD of SCXML is published

From: Jim Barnett <Jim.Barnett@alcatel-lucent.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 06:53:20 -0800
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On the issue of space separated data model locations in 'namelist', we
have decided to leave things as they are in order to maintain
compatibility with other specs that the Voice Browser Working Group has
developed, such as CCXML.  You can get a more flexible treatment of
spaces by using <param> or <content> in place of 'namelist'.  


-          Jim Barnett



You wrote:

2. Section 4.1.2 says that send/@namelist separates its datamodel
locations by space, but this is potentially incompatible with more
complex expressions. For example, the XPath expression:


a/b[@attr='some value']


...would be improperly broken at a whitespace boundary. The actual
method of specifying multiple names should probably be scripting
language-dependent. XPath has sequences (well, 2.0 does, anyway),
ECMAScript has arrays, etc.


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