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[CCXML] Reg execution of subsequent elements after an event is encountered for current element in <transition>

From: Rajesh N <rajeshn@huawei.com>
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 18:55:17 +0530
To: www-voice@w3.org
Message-id: <000601c9fb18$8b129ed0$2001120a@china.huawei.com>


I have a doubt regarding the continuation of processing of subsequent
elements in a <transition>, after one of the elements has encountered an



<transition event="connection.connected">

    <log expr="'In transition for connection.connected event'"/>

    <dialogstart src="BAD_ECMA_EXPR" />

    <assign name="state0" expr="'dialog_Active'"/>
//assume state0 is the state variable



In this case, evaluation of "src" attribute for <dialogstart> leads to an
error.semantic event. Once the interpreter posts this event, should it
continue to execute the next element <assign> in the transition?


I felt that the paragraph describing the "continue / do not continue" part
for event handling in the CCXML specification was a bit ambiguous. (Section
9.1 Overview - event handling). As per my understanding, the interpreter
should not execute the next element in situations like (a) if the evaluation
of an attribute of the current element fails or (b) if the interpreter fails
in any of its internal processing related to the current element.


The above given snippet is an example of (a).  An example of situation (b)
could be say, if <accept> tag is encountered when the connection state is
not ALERTING (ex: in a transition for connection.connected) - This may lead
to interpreter posting error.connection.wrongstate event


I think it may be more clearly described in the specification as to, under
which all conditions shall the interpreter continue to execute subsequent
elements. Is it that the interpreter can continue to execute next element if
it is able to process all attributes of the current element without error
and perform the necessary actions to request the platform to realize the
required operation?



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