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Re: CCXML: Dialog and Connection objects

From: Hrvoje Nezic <hrvoje.nezic@envox-lab.hr>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 14:30:05 +0100
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From: "Petr Kuba" <kuba@optimsys.cz>
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Cc: "Hrvoje Nezic" <hrvoje.nezic@envox-lab.hr>
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 1:04 PM
Subject: Re: CCXML: Dialog and Connection objects

> Dear Hrvoje,
> thanks for your comments and let me add some notes in-line.
> However I would still appreciate further clarification on my original 
> comments.
> Hrvoje Nezic wrote:
>>> Dialog object contains connectionid and/or conferenceid properties which
>>> identify the connection/conference that is driving a media stream to the
>>> dialog.
>> The specification doesn't explicitly state that the connection/conference
>> is driving a media stream to the dialog, but this is a reasonable 
>> interpretation.
> See CCXML specification (version 20070119), section 7.4 Dialog object 
> properties, description of the connectionid property which explicitly 
> states:
> "Identifies the connection that is driving a media stream to the dialog. 
> ..."
> The same holds for the conferenceid property.
>> However, other interpretations are also possible, because the 
>> specification
>> states that the connection/conference is "associated" with the dialog.
> Statement like this is in the Connection object description, not Dialog 
> object. The specification is very clear for the Dialog object.
>> For example, connection/conference could be the one specified in 
>> <dialogprepare>
>> or <dialogstart> although it doesn't drive a media stream to the dialog.
> This is wrong.
>>> As we understand, after introducing input and outputs properties in the
>>> last draft connectionid/conferenceid will always have the same value as
>>> the input property.
>> There are still no input and output properties in <dialogprepare> and 
>> <dialogstart>.
>> I think that the specification should introduce these properties instead 
>> of
>> connectionid / conferenceid.
> Input and outputs properties in the Connection and Dialog objects serve 
> for storing information about all the endpoins bridged to the particular 
> connection / dialog. Connectionid / conferenceid in <dialogprepare> /
> <dialogstart> and joinid in <createcall> serve for establishing one new 
> bridge. You do not need input / outputs properties in <dialogprepare> /
> <dialogstart> / <createcall> tags.


Of course, you are right. Please read my previous message: I was
"too quick on trigger" and because these days I am not occupied with CCXML
at all, I confused some things. I apologize again.

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