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Re: SCXML WD external state example incomplete

From: Wolfgang Frech <Wolfgang.Frech@iteratec.de>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 14:16:11 +0100
Message-ID: <45D45D1B.9010309@iteratec.de>
To: "Barnett, James" <James.Barnett@aspect.com>, www-voice@w3.org


thank you for this clarification.

Just for your information: the Jakarta Commons SCXML implementation 
handles included state content in a different way:

The included file is a SCXML document with an scxml element as root.
The states in this statechart are included as sequential substates of 
the including state, and the initialstate attribute is interpreted as an 
initial unconditional transition.
A file with state or parallel elements is not accepted, or at least not 
exectuted correctly.


Barnett, James wrote:

> We are just about to release a new working draft of the SCXML
>specification which expands the definition of what can be included and
>may also clarify this issue.  I would note, however, that the
>'initialstate' attribute exists only on the <scxml> element, while file
>inclusion is restricted to the <state> and <parallel> elements.  <state>
>has an <initial> child (which may be part of the included state), but no
>'initialstate' attribute.
>The initialstate attribute on <scxml> is required.  
>- Jim
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>Subject: SCXML WD external state example incomplete
>Dear Working Group,
>the SCXML Working Draft is not fully consistent if the initialstate 
>attribute is required for an external state, that is a state that has a 
>src attribute pointing to a file containing its content.
>The attribute details (WD 3.1.1) define the initialstate attribute as 
>required, without any exception for external states.
>The example Test2Sub1.scxml (WD F.1) does not have a initialstate 
>This could be a minor omission in the example, of course, but still I am
>not sure.
>So the real question is: what exactly is the format of the external file
>referenced by a src attribute?
>It could be one of the following
>a) a complete SCXML document, with scxml element as root, and exactly 
>one state element, that is identical to the state element in the main 
>SCXML document, and without initialstate attribute.
>This would follow the example.
>b) as a), but with an initialstate attribute pointing to its one and 
>only state.
>This would meet the definition of the scxml element
>c) an fragment of a SCXML document, without scxml  root element, but 
>with exactly one state element as root.
>This would avoid the question if initialstate is required.
>d) a fragement with the content of the state element, that is an XML 
>fragment with a list of elements, not with a single root.
>This would _not_: follow the example, and it would be hard to edit with 
>an XML editor.
>Thanks in advance for clarification
>Wolfgang Frech

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