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Re: Query in CCXML 1.0 Specification. - Item 2 - ISSUE-223

From: RJ Auburn <rj@voxeo.com>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 10:10:41 -0400
Message-Id: <74F7D22C-5279-4C1C-8CE9-51BE5FA35A1C@voxeo.com>
Cc: www-voice@w3.org, W3C Voice Browser Working Group <w3c-voice-wg@w3.org>
To: Nagesh S <nageshs@huawei.com>


We have broken your comments out into independent items and are  
responding to them individually.

On Feb 2, 2007, at 24:47 AM, Nagesh S wrote:

> 2)       In the events like error.move, error.send.failed, the  
> reason attribute is a mandatory attribute but whereas for the  
> event, connection.disconnected, connection.redirected, and  
> connection.failed, the reason attribute is optional, is it  
> intentional?

This was tracked as ISSUE-223.

This is indeed intended. The error.* events must have a defined  
reason while there may not be a reason from the telco network for the  
disconnected, redirected or failed actions.

Please let us know if this resolves your questions and/or concerns.  
If we don't hear from by 6/1/2007 we will consider this issue resolved.


RJ Auburn
CTO, Voxeo Corporation
Chair, Call Control Subgroup, VBWG.
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