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Re: Voice Recognition Profiles

From: Sheth Raxit <raxit@phonologies.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 1:10:13 -0500
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B.K.Delong, Baggia Paolo and Other Members,

B.K.DeLong Wrote

>Have any efforts been made to make a standard for voice >recognition training profiles? Is "training" even necessary >any more for voice  recognition systems?

>So when I load up a voice recognition program, I am told to read several lines or paragraphs of text so it can match the
>text content with my voice. For every program I try, I have > to retrain it all over again. In theory, if I move from my >computer to my car and try to activate my GPS system by >voice, it needs to be trained. If I go to an ATM or >drive-thru where one can automatically order by voice, I
>need to spend several minutes correcting the system until >I'm connected with a human operator.


I think, Explicit "training" is Boring for users, but may improve performance.But if i am not wrong your idea is also about CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK,IMPROVEMENT AND LEARNING of ASR that how Specific user is Speaking...

B.K.DeLong Wrote

>Why not create a standard profile for voice recognition >that all voice-recognition applications can use? That way, >when I come to a new system I need to "train", I just type >in my SSN or some other UID which tells the system to pull >my VRP (Voice Recognition Profile), out of a centralized >directory service, allowing me to immediately use the >system.


Many Service required user-identifications and Many services not.(and Services that not required identification obviously no
t have user profiles...But Say for example for some specific word, if recognition fails to recognize beyond some threshold v
alue...then Some Feedback Should go to ASR so that ASR Can LEARN...(And I think,Not sure, some ASR are capable to do similar
 thing...But it is not user-specific)
and next time ABLE TO RECOGNIZE the word correctly.

And The System which required user identification, It is good to have (what you suggest) Voice User Profiles, that is Vendor-Independent (so that if the application changes the ASR from Vendor1 to Vendor2, Voice Profiles of Vendor1 can also be used by Vendor2 )

(Here I think, even ASR may using Voice User Profiles but not in Some STANDARD/VENDOR INDEPENDENT  Formats is of NO (or Little or Limited ) use.)

And in that context creating Vendor Independent Voice User Profile might be the KEY ISSUE.

B.K.DeLong :
>Does such a standard or technology effort exist?

I think Technology is  exists for  continuous feedback ( I am not sure, but i am searching on it...) (by some ASR Vendor ) but Not any Standard for how to use Voice User Profile Vendor independently...

Here the key-issue is VENDOR INDEPENDENT Standard so that if one user is using 10 different system using 5 different vendors of ASR, There would be only Single Profile of the User shared by all, using some standard Format/Protocol if the system is User-Dependets...

or  if Application wants to change the ASR of Vendor1 to of Vendor2 , the User profiles created by old vendor can be used by new.(No Vendor Lock-in in short...)

Waiting for reply...

Thanking You,
Raxit Sheth

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