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testing the waters

From: Dennis de Champeaux <ddc@cutter.rexx.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 16:27:24 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <200408292327.i7TNROw67514@cutter.rexx.com>
To: www-voice@w3.org
Cc: ddc@cutter.rexx.com (Dennis de Champeaux)


Two weeks ago I send-in some random observations and considerations
produced by using VXML in a sizeable system.
You may remember that I had some reservations about the VXML language.
I could expand the delibertions by showing VXML code examples and
conceivable alternative ways to achieve their functionality.

However I don't know what your political hot buttons are.
Your potential reaction ranges from: "get lost" to "sounds interesting" and
plenty of variants in between.

So please let me know whether you want me to follow up or shut up (because
it requires work to construct the alternatives).


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