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RE: CCXML working group status

From: Tracy Boehrer <tboehrer@calltower.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 11:00:12 -0800
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For further clarification on Raj's issue #3:  
What happens if <createcall> (or any other call control element) fails to even execute?  For example, the platform can't even get a connection to place a call on?  In this case, "conid" is completely useless.  Does the interpreter "know" this failed, or is it assumed that a failure event is delivered.  If so, this would imply that elements following the <createcall> could very well be meaningless.  For example, if <createcall> fails, and the element following <createcall> tries to use the variable specified by "conid", what is the result?  Is it even allowed to have elements following createcall that depend on this "conid"?
In other words, if <createcall> is truly asynchronous, then the variable specified by "conid" can't be assigned until it's known the call was even started.  That is, I would imagine a "connection.PROGRESSING" event is delivered on a successfull call start, in which case a "conid" is know.  But on a failure, "conid" is not even useful (because there is no need to have a conid... there is no connection).  However.... is there "failure" event for createcall?

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	From: Raj Kiran Talusani [mailto:raj@phonologies.com] 
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	Subject: CCXML working group status

	There are many things in CCXML specification that need clarification
	from the working group.
	You can see all the mails from "Tracy" to know few of them :-).
	1. Spec doesnot define standard events for all the elements that are
	executed asynchronously
	2. for elements like <createcall> <createconference> platform has to
	assign an id after successful execution.
	    But these elements are supposed to be fully async. So, how do we
	assign the id without knowing the outcome of the execution?
	    if the execution fails there is no point in assigning an ID? But if
	we wait for the result then the execution becomes semi-async.
	3. What happens to the document execution, when an error event occures?
	do we stop the execution? or let the error handler decide what
	to do next and continue the execution?
	4. ccxml.loaded is supposed to be the first event a ccxml session
	receives. But a <createccxml> session can pass a "start event".
	so, in this case which one is first executed ? ccxml.loaded OR "start
	event" ?
	I really appreciate if someone concerned can reply back.
	Raj Kiran Talusani.

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