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RE: VoiceXML - limit max call time?

From: Brian Wyld <brian.wyld@eloquant.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:07:32 +0100
To: "Royles, Chris" <Chris.Royles@vicorp.com>, <www-voice@w3.org>
Message-ID: <OCENLGFFCDHPOEENHEPFIEJOEIAA.brian.wyld@eloquant.com>

Hi Chris,

My 2c worth - what you are looking for is not as far as I am aware possible
in 2.0 standard vxml
 - no standard property
 - not by "time counting" within dialogs etc (determining prompt lengths
plus timeouts etc) as bargein and http access times are not deterministic)
 - not by tracking it on the server side (as can't interrupt the dialog on
the browser side when the server side times out - although this would be a
good feature also - offered by some browser vendors as a proprietary

The closest you might be able to do is via a combination of the above plus
an ecma script unit that is called as often as possible within the dialog -
but this is fairly disgusting and probably won't get you an accuracy greater
than your 'timeout'.

Alternatively you could ask your friendly vxml browser vendor if they have a
proprietry extension to allow this functionality (eg a
com.<browservendor>.maxcalltimeout property that provokes the throwing of a
com.<browservendor>.calltimeout event when the time is up would be IMHO
pretty flexible).



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> Objet : VoiceXML
> Apologies if this has been posted on the wrong forum, I wish to provide
> feedback on the VoiceXML standard, and a possible limitation in designing
> voice dialogs.
> We have a particular application where the call must last for no
> longer than
> a specific period of time. The problem is that we cannot limit the maximum
> time a user is within a dialog or interactive block.
> The VoiceXML standard does define a 'timeout' attribute on dialogs which
> allows begin and end of input timeout durations, but we need an overall
> 'overriding' limit for the total time within the dialog.
> The 'maxtime' attribute on 'record', is similar to what we have
> in mind. It
> should be possible to constrain each and every dialog to a total
> interaction
> duration.
> regards, Chris Royles / development team.
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