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Re: error.badfetch on non existent root document (bis)

From: Pavel Cenek <pavel.cenek@itek.norut.no>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 16:08:43 +0100
Message-ID: <3E2D627B.50408@itek.norut.no>
To: Arnaud VALLEE <avallee@telisma.com>
CC: www-voice@w3.org

    Hi Arnaud,

> As i did not get any anwer to the message, i post my query one more time.

I am not member of WBWG, so my answer is only a guess. I also waited for 
an authorized answer and therefore haven't reacted on your first attempt.

> The issue is as follows:
> 	In a document named doc1.vxml, which is a root document (do not specify an application attribute in the vxml tag), we transition to a document 	doc2.vxml.
> 	doc2.vxml refers to a non existing root document (i.e., application attribute set to doc2-root-unexisting.vxml).
> As the spec says (chap 1.5.2), 
> " If a document refers to a non-existent application root document, an error.badfetch event is thrown ",
> an error.badfetch is thrown in this case.
> The question: where is the error thrown, or in other way, where do i put the error.badfetch handler to catch the error?

The transition is caused by <goto> or <submit>, etc, therefore I would 
apply the rules for these tags (which should be the same for all of 
them). For <goto>, spec says:
"Note that for errors which occur during a dialog or document 
transition, the scope in which errors are handled is platform specific."

> I see 2 possibilities:
> - in doc1.vxml, which means that if a document refers to a non existing root document, it is a badfecth to try to get this document.

In my opinion this possibility is more logical.

> - in doc2.vxml, which means that current document has to be initialized before getting and initializing the root document.

> I think this is the same issue with the following assertion in chapter 1.5.2:
> "If a document's application attribute refers to a document that also has an application attribute specified, an error.semantic event is thrown. "

I think it would be valuable to mention the citation above also in the 
chapter one.




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