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Clarification on blind transfer

From: Arnaud VALLEE <avallee@telisma.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 18:30:07 +0100
Message-ID: <3AB3C7F30279254494C258DE38FE7CB9112A67@cedre>
To: <www-voice@w3.org>


I need some clarification on this point: Blind Transfer
With a blind transfer, an attempt is made to connect the original caller with the callee. Any prompts preceeding the <transfer>, as well as prompts within the <transfer>, are queued and played before the transfer attempt begins; bargein properties apply as normal.

As the transfer is modal, a bargein can happen only if we define a grammar under transfer.
But what is the consequence of matching the grammar with a recognition result while the prompt are played? 
What will be the value of the transfer item variable?

Thanks for your clarification.

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