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RE: [VoiceXML] return from subdialog with event ...

From: Jean-Michel Reghem <reghem@babeltech.com>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 15:47:08 +0100
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To: www-voice@w3.org
Teemu Tingander écrivait ( Tuesday 2/5/02 03:36 PM ) dans le message 
>There seems to be very simple answer for that question you ask; lets hope
>that i can even explain that to u : ).
>And Yes I think that you were righ; according to FIA , the field selection
>should fo that way as you say.

OK ... ;-))

>The main key is the form item and its guard condition. If ECMAscript
>variable for that current form item is undefined the for will be visited
>again i.e. the guardcondiotion is unsatisfied.
>Case 1:
>         If <subdialog> returns with event and only normal event handling is
>done the guard condition remains unsatisfeid and field will be visited again
>. (  this may trigger a loop ) Solution in here is either assing a value for
>subdialogs variable or change some variable so that the "cond" gets false;
>The only drawback is that the FIA´s filled loop wont get triggered for this
>field. I think that this is made by purpose.

In fact, in my program, when a return element doesn't have a namelist, i 
create an empty object that i return ...
Thus, the guard condition is satisfied in both event and empty namelist 
return tag...

With this modification, the compliance example 
subdialog_return_event_1.vxml from www.voicexml.org works fine ;-))

but i wanted to know if i was right ;-))



>Case 2:
>         if <subdialog> 'retuns' with empty resultset the 'null' (empty
>ECMAScript != UNDEFINED ) value will be assigned to ECMAscript variable and
>guard condition for gets satsfied and filled will be triggered. ( all nice
>in here )
>Case 3:
>         if <subdialog> <return>s with namelist the the variabled are filled
>as in spec.
>         fieldname.namelists-item-name-1 = x
>         ..>
>         fieldname.namelists-item-name-n = y
>         and cause of ECMAScript the object fieldname cannot be anymore
>UNDEFINED  it will be changed to Ecmascript Object      that can contain
>parameters --> guard condition for gets satsfied and filled will be
>Did i forget something , just ask.. My VXML 2.0 Interpreter works neatly so
>at least i can tell how i solved the problem. And if someone knows how the
>variable scopes in document transitions should go tell me. I think that my
>solution is little compilicated for document writer ( like while in coming
>back from leaf to app should scopes application and document be identical..
>one thing those new transitions that were added to 2.0 wont explain at all
>.. :(  )
>I hope that this is right, and it helpped you even a little bit.
>Teemu Tingander
>Tecnomen Oyj / Innovation Centre

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