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"count" attribute in catch?

From: Markku Savela <msa@msa.tte.vtt.fi>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 13:52:42 +0200
Message-Id: <200112141152.NAA28347@msa.tte.vtt.fi>
To: www-voice@w3.org
In VoiceXML 2.0, section "5.2.2 Catch", the attribute "count" is explained as

      The occurrence of the event (default is 1). The count allows you
      to handle different occurrences of the same event
      differently. Each <form>, <menu> and form item maintains a
      counter for each event that occurs while it is being visited;
      these counters are reset each time the <menu> or form item's
      <form> is re-entered. The form-level counters are used in the
      selection of an event handler for events thrown in a form-level

My problem is with the "default 1". This means that if you omit
"count" attribute, the catch is active only for the first event thrown
in the context. This would be fairly inconvenient for some document
scope default catchers.

Is this really the intention? Numerous examples appear to assume that
when count is not present, then the catch works for any count.

If the intention is that precondition for the catch is that the event
count is equal or larger than the specified count, then some examples
become weird...  for examle the one in "2.3.3 Initial"

  <nomatch count="1">
  Please say something like "from Atlanta Georgia to Toledo Ohio".
  <nomatch count="2">
  I'm sorry, I still don't understand.
  I'll ask you for information one piece at a time.
  <assign name="bypass_init" expr="true"/>

Control would never reach the second <nomatch count="2"> catch.


Unless I'm missing something, the "count" description in 5.2.2 should
be changed into

      The occurrence of the event. The count ...

and somewhere there should be clarification, that omitting the "count"
attribute means that catch is active for the event, regardless of the
events count value.
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