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RE: The Open Source Initiative OSI letter of comment on W3C's proposed RAND policy.

From: Eric Burger <eburger@snowshore.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 08:36:09 -0500
To: "Brett Serkez, Techie" <techie@serkez.net>, <vxi-discuss@metronomicon.com>, <www-voice@w3.org>
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This is insane!  Saying that I, as a holder of intellectual property, lose
my rights because *you* decided to give away *your* code is nonsensical.

How about this: I decide to let people live in my house for free; therefore,
you must give away your house.

Am I a proponent of RAND?  No.  I was one of only three AC Reps that voted
against RAND.  However, arguments such as the one below does not help the

- Eric

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Subject: The Open Source Initiative OSI letter of comment on W3C's proposed
RAND policy.

Eric S. Raymond's official position on W3C's RAND policy...



OSI suggests that the proposed clause 5 can be rescued by adding a suitable
interpretation of "non-discriminatory". The language in the State of
Maryland UCITA exempting open-source projects from warranty requirements
provides a suitable model:
The payment of royalties under a RAND license shall be waived for any
licensor of a computer program that is provided under a license that does
not impose a license fee for the right to the source code, to make copies,
to modify, and to distribute the computer program.
This interpretation of "non-discriminatory" would leave patent-holders the
option of continuing to collect license fees from implementors with plans to
charge for the secrecy of their software.

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