Re: Virtual Library Icon

On March 24, you (brandon@sticky.usu.edu) wrote
:>I don't know if anybody is still looking for a virtual library icon, but a
:>while back when we were, I hacked together something.  In cleaning out my
:>account I stumbled across it (along with a few other W3|WEB icons).  Anybody
:>who is interested in seeing them can via:
:>    http://www.usu.edu/~brandon/icons/
:>(BTW, is W3O still wanting icons?)

The contest set up for Vlib (specific subjects) icons has given results 
accessible at ftp://www0.cern.ch:721/pub/incoming/icons

Sorry, I didn't have time to look into them.

As for W3O, this organization is still completely virtual!

Sorry for my slow reactions about the copyright question and various others:
I'm involved in the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the United
Nations, and a large part of my time is currently spent on meetings in New 
York and Geneva.

Long live the Virtual Library Project!