3rd WWW Conference Vlib meeting

  This is a semi-repost, for those of you who missed my posting a couple of 
weeks ago.
  There will be most likely an unofficial Vlib meeting at the conference in 
Darmstadt/Germany. So far there are four of us going to the conference (at 
least those four-1 (me) showed interest in a meeting by sending me an email 
message). The meeting time and place is not set yet, but it will most likely 
be on one evening over a good german beer near by the conference. If you are 
attending the conference, or if you are lucky enough to live close to 
Darmstadt and if you are interested in a meeting, send me email before Fri Mar 
17 19:00:00 PST (because this will be last chance for me to read email before 
I leave for Germany.) From the 20th of March on you can give me a call at 
++49-6074-90690 (ask for Tim). Since I am going to be one of the volunteer 
workers at the conference, I might even have access to email, so even if you 
can't sent me email before Friday, do it anyways.

       To all of you attending the Conference, see ya all in Darmstadt,
       I wish the rest of you a fun and relaxing spring break!

Tim Trautmann               | e-mail: timt@ee.pdx.edu
Portland State University   | phone:  (503)725-7056
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