> From: brad@ape.com (Brad Schrick)

> Again, I think the points raised are pretty good and thoughtful so far, but
> I don't support the idea of postponing basic measurements and statistics
> for the V Lib pages.  It will take a long time to get the basics as it is,
> and in the meantime we can continue our discussions, and congratulate
> anyone who can actually poll all of the pages on the V Lib, find all of the
> local sub-pages, figure out which ones are related, and get the first
> counts of words, files, links, graphics, speed, and file sizes.

Yes.  Determining "words, files, links, graphics, speed, and file
sizes" is the kind of data that should be presented.  Let the reader
determine "quality" for herself.  The automated tools should do what
they are best at: obtain the raw data and present it in a
human-readable format.
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