Re: icons of the WWW VL


I appreciate your efforts to impose additional order on the VL.
While I am not quite sure what you are driving at with the new
hierarchy stuff (I grabbed the example Physics page, but I am
still grasping at what you are looking for from us sub-list
maintainers); I was wondering if perhaps the format I have adopted
for the larger sublists I maintain might be useful for other pages,
perhaps as part of a standard
(see http://http://www.dataspace.com/WWW/vlib/comp-graphics.html
for a good example of what I am talking about).

I use a bullet list with the major subcategories of the list,
with #markers which point to <h6> headings further down the
page; I try to keep things alphabetical where possible, and
I give a one to two line annotation per reference, with the
link usually as the first item.

	Joshua S. Lateiner