Re: Plea for help!

On December  7, you (Adam S. Moskowitz) wrote
:>Can we please split this mailing list into two lists? I propose
:>the "www-vlib" and "www-vlib-announce" paradigm, where the
:>latter is a superset of the former, and is for important messages
:>only. www-vlib would be for statistics, discussions, whatever.
:>>From someone who already gets too much mail.

Good idea!

>From now on, there will be two mailing-lists:

www-vlib@info.cern.ch, open to public, where you can automatically 
register or sign off at any time.
(Please send a message to listproc@info.cern.ch with the body
to get help on the listprocessor)

www-vlib-announce@info.cern.ch, not open to public, that 
should be kept low-volume and only for annoucements.
This is its first announcement!

Anyone that has the same problem as Adam should consider removing
himself from www-vlib@info.cern.ch . Though, if the traffic starts
to be irrelevant, we (I, or better a volunteer ;-) will moderate it.

Let's continue the discussion on www-vlib@info.cern.ch

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