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Geodata International from KilletSoft - Worldwide places and postcode databases

From: C. Killet Softwareentwicklung GbR <akquise@killetsoft3.com>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 12:43:29 +0200
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Presentation of the worldwide places and postcode databases
"Geodata International" from KilletSoft Consulting Engineers and
invitation to download a free trial. The databases of around 250
countries contain towns, municipalities, town quarters, postal codes,
administrative units, coordinates, elevations and world times.


Dear Sir or Madam,
this information is sent only to our business partners and to
interested parties of the domains Geodesy and Cartography, who have
published their email address on the internet expressly for the
purpose of establish contact.

We will send only once an electronic mail with this information to
you. If you continue to be interested in information about the latest
developments of our geodetic software and in our geodetic papers,
please add your email address to our permanent mailing list on the
website http://www.killetsoft.de/s_mlis_e.htm.

Basic information and the profile of our society you can find on our
website http://www.killetsoft.de/homee.htm. Our postal address and
email address you find at the end of this text.


Geodata International
Geodata International includes database tables from around 250
countries with towns and municipalities, town quarters, postal codes,
administrative units, geographical coordinates, UTM coordinates,
elevations and world times, which can be purchased as separate
countries or as a low cost country groups.

A compilation of test data of all available countries with a
detailed data description and a data sheet can be downloaded as ZIP
packed file from the following URL:

Our specially developed freeware program CONVERT for converting and
customizing the data is available for download at the following URL:

The geodata are accurately described in a detailed data sheet. There
you find detailed information about all data fields, hints to use the
georeferences and the formulas for distance calculations, as well as
a guide for converting to other file formats. You can view the data
sheets on the Internet here:

Data description
These data fields are contained in the database table:
+ Unique ID of the continent
+ Unique ID of the country (ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2)
+ Unique ID of the language (ISO 639-1 ALPHA-2)
+ Postal code / Zip code
+ Town name / municipality name / local name
+ Town quarter / local part name
+ Administrative identification (e.g. municipality key)
+ Name of the 1st administrative unit (e.g. federal state)
+ Name for the 2nd administrative unit (e.g. province)
+ Name of the 3rd administrative unit (e.g. county / district)
+ Geographical longitude in degree notation
+ Geographical latitude in degree notation
+ Geographical longitude in degree/minute/second notation
+ Geographical latitude in degree/minute/second notation
+ UTM easting on the natural meridian strip
+ UTM northing on the natural meridian strip
+ UTM easting on an uniformly meridian strip
+ UTM northing on an uniformly meridian strip
+ UTM strip number of the uniformly meridian and hemisphere
+ Ground elevation over the sea level
+ Offset to UTC world time
+ Month of the last data update


Best regards,
your KilletSoft Development Team

C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR
Postbox 400225
47896 Kempen

Fon ++49 2152 961127
Fax ++49 2152 961128


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