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Re: What happens to the uploaded files

From: David Dorward <david@dorward.me.uk>
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 21:17:27 +0000
To: "Adam Koermendi" <Adam.Koermendi@r2protec.de>
Cc: "www-validator@w3.org" <www-validator@w3.org>
Message-ID: <3337CD9E-E2EE-4F62-AFF8-60122887ADB5@dorward.me.uk>
On 30 Oct 2015, at 7:24, Adam Koermendi wrote:

> So in order to check my HTMLs I either need to rewrite my server security, or I need to upload the files.
> My question is what do you do with the uploaded files? Do you keep them or do they get deleted shortly after uploading them to the tool?

The source code is available if you want to audit it to find out — https://github.com/validator/validator/ — or you could just take that source code and run your own local copy of the validator and not put your private data near third party servers in the first place. 

David Dorward
Received on Sunday, 1 November 2015 21:18:00 UTC

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