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Re: Error Validating microcode: www.jp.tales-beyond-reason.com, www-tales-beyond-reason.com, www.tales-beyond-reason.de

From: Jukka K. Korpela <jkorpela@cs.tut.fi>
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2014 14:32:04 +0200
Message-ID: <52F0DDC4.8090809@cs.tut.fi>
To: Michael Schreiber <metal.warrior@gmx.net>, www-validator@w3.org
2014-01-31 20:46, Michael Schreiber wrote:

> Three sites of mine contain microcode for a song list. Google Webmaster
> Tools Structured Data Test has no problems detecting and interpreting
> the microdata. However, validator.w3c.org and validator.nu both complain
> about each itemprop:
> "The itemprop attribute was specified, but the element is not a property
> of any item."
> Below is the source code snippet that contains the corresponding part
> for one site. The other two sites are:
> www.tales-beyond-reason.com
> www.tales-beyond-reason.de

As far as I can see, those pages do not have itemprop attributes. Did 
you remove them?

> URL: www.jp.tales-beyond-reason.com

What you are showing is the PHP source, not HTML source. What validators 
and browsers get is the HTML source.

Anyway, the issue is reproducible e.g. with a shortened version of the 
code posted:

>          <ol itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/MusicGroup"
> itemprop="name" content="Tales Beyond Reason" >
>            <li itemprop="tracks" itemscope
> itemtype="http://schema.org/MusicRecording">
>              <meta itemprop="name" content="「霧の森」" />
>              <meta itemprop="alternateName" content="「MistyWoods」" />

... terminated with </ol>.

The problem here is that an element with the itemprop attribute must 
have a parent element that specifies the metadata object ("item"), with 
attributes like itemscope and itemtype. So I think you need to remove 
the itemprop and content attributes from the <ol> element and include an 
element like <meta itemprop="name" content="Tales Beyond Reason"> 
somewhere, e.g. inside the first <li> element.

By the way, it seems that the validators have a bug: they allow the 
content=... attribute in an <ol> element, or apparently in any element. 
According to HTML5 CR, it is allowed in a <meta> element only, and I 
don’t think the HTML Microdata documents extend this.

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