I fulfill every promise.

I won't promise if Im unable to fulfill it!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to share.

Thank you Danny. 



The Parents' Academy consists of a series of 50 workshops intended to support parents in raising their beloved children. The Parents' Academy is based solely on the well-known booklet, The Way to Happiness.


In the last meeting of The Parents' Academy at the exclusive branch, we discussed chapter 15 of The Way to Happiness booklet: Fulfill your obligations.


Thanks to Danny, who delivered a lot of knowledge as only he can, and caused many realizations, insights, conclusions and applications. Here are some of these, which were sent by you:


In honor of Saturday, it's fun to write a few words about the evening which included role-playing of the teenage girl who succeeded in sending her mother out of her room" played by Shilhav and a friend it was really brilliant and showed reality with great precision. 


The workshops of the exclusive branch give a lot of food for thought. People can express themselves easily and share their feelings. This is all a person needs: the joy of living and a life of happiness.


Well done to Danny, the distinguished driver who knows how to steer the evening.


And of course the new hall full of positive energy and the feeling of family. 


Shabat Shalom and congratulations,

Helena and Nisim from Shoham



I now understand why I have more true friends today (some of whom have been connected to me for many years).  Its because I try to be worthy of trust. Even if I haven't kept in touch with people, the moment I call someone, even though we haven't seen each other for years, my friend is always happy to hear from me and we return to seeing each other and sharing experiences like old friends.


Trust and integrity are important characteristics to deliver to every person, whoever and wherever he is - and more so to our children.


It's always very important to repeat and emphasize this characteristic.  Even if it's already within us, it serves us faithfully to reinforce it. Our children need to know that this is the way to happiness: if you promised, fulfill it; if you said it do it this is what builds and designs the future for you and for us in the way to happiness!!!


For a better world!!!!


Thank you Danny again for a wonderful evening and insights which are important to live by and apply always!


I hope the food and drinks were successful because they were made with a lot of love and were finished quickly!!!


Your Sincerely!

Refael Shamay



The realization I had is that I mustn't treat the obligations of children lightly (and of course of adults too).


In other words, if a child carelessly says okay to my request to put his things back where they belong, I have to firmly ensure that he really understands what that means and that he intends to fulfill his obligation.  I have to insist that it happens.


Thank you Danny for an important lesson.

Alon Sadot



As in every fresh, thirst-quenching and oxygenating session, this one was special and it returned me to childhood.


My mother raised me (actually, us! But I'm speaking for myself) with many futile promises and sayings.


It could have been a very simple saying, like I'll make you everything you want, I'll come whenever you call. Of course, no need to mention that for a little or big child it's not that simple. Besides the love and warmth that I received, I also received lots of futile sayings and promises. An interesting combination! As time passed by, I learned that there's nothing to aspire to and it's actually fine if people don't fulfill their promises.


The result was lack of confidence. 


Regarding fulfilling every promise, I won't promise if Im unable to fulfill it.


For me, the session on Thursday reinforced the importance of fulfilling every promise! 


Thank you for the opportunity to share.


Thank you Danny.




I learned many things; one of the things I'd like to share is about speaking nicely (and not yelling) and thus influencing others for the better. I also heard from Inbar when she said that in her home, every time she is about to yell, her daughter says to her "you're yelling." It calms her down and she stops yelling. After The Parents' Academy on Friday, my sister and my mother made me angry. I was about to yell and then I remembered Inbar and the workshop, so I spoke calmly and quietly and it was great.

Camal Mula


Thanks to Victoria  for organizing the evening 


Thanks a lot to Refael Shamay for the food and drink and of course for letting us deliver the workshops in his charming cafeteria.


Thanks to Ariel for a very remarkable cake... as usual.


Thanks to Shilhav and Inbar our talented actors (for your information, these two are talented lecturers in the Association as well).


Thanks to Edi - our loyal and professional photographer.


Thanks to Kobi Haliffa THE honorable president who lets all of us enjoy the branded products at The Parents' Academy.



This time we could enjoy mouse pads with an amazing design for The Parents' Academy, and  "The Way to Happiness posters too.




Thanks to everyone who bought them and contributed to the Association


And for those who haven't bought yet well add new things to the stock.


The next workshop is on Thursday night and until then, kisses for everyone



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